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About Us

Safety for human's health and respect for the environment are the two main principles for “Tree House” in furniture and décor production. Following these principles, the company produces high quality things, which help in creating, extending or emphasizing the interior design of any home or office.

Producing furniture and décor “Tree House” uses only quality, natural and ecological materials and components, which do not cause any diseases or allergies. Thereby it is an ideal choice for those who are taking care of their own health and the health of their families.

The growing demand for wood furniture and decor is bringing amazing profits for wood furniture manufacturers, but at the same time, it is of critical impact for the environment and, thus, the human population. If this growing use of wood does not stop, there will not be any forests in the near future. Trying to solve the important environmental problem “Tree House” uses only reclaimed wood for furniture and décor production. By using reclaimed wood, the quality of the products stays the same without any harm for the environment.

Alongside such qualities as eco-friendliness and safety for human health, furniture made of reclaimed wood is strong, durable and do not practically deform.