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«Tree House» - Fine Reclaimed Wood Products

The role of the furniture and décor be that at home, office or any social encounter can hardly be over-estimated. “Tree House” brings to your kind attention marvelous pieces of furniture and décor, produced of reclaimed wood. All products fulfil main quality criteria, such as environmental and human friendliness, strength and durability, and of course, modern and comfortable design.

Poor quality materials and harmful components, which are often used in furniture production, can have significant impacts on persons’ health; for instance, they can worse chronic illnesses or even cause new ones, not to mention potential for allergic reactions. Since “Tree House” uses only environmentally safe materials in furniture production, it guaranties health for people and their pets.

New Products

Rich, Historic Value

“Tree House” gives a second life to old things. Each piece of the furniture combines both features of history and modernity, what makes it individual and unique

Environment Friendly Choice

The use of reclaimed wood is a unique method in modern upscale furniture production, which ensures minimum damage to the environment

Unique Style & Strength

The use of reclaimed wood in furniture production makes it original, strong and durable

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